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ZDinterim - Leadership Continuity

Continuity of leadership is critical to the success of all organizations – especially in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.

We offer a portfolio of interim executive search services, including Interim Leadership Recruitment and Transitional Engagements.

Interim Leadership Recruitment

ZDinterim recruits interim executives that span C-suite, senior level and select mid-level positions. These include leaders in technology, finance, strategy, operations, clinical and compliance.

An organization required a seasoned Chief Operating Officer (COO) during transition in the C-suite. Within 48 hours, ZDinterim had 3 candidates for the client to interview and within 2 weeks the interim executive was on-site and contributing in a meaningful way. Specifically charged with software vendor selection and a large scale billing implementation, the interim executive brought specific knowledge relevant to these initiatives and was able to immediately add value to our client organization.

Transitional Engagements

Executives who transition from an interim engagement to become the permanent leader of choice for your organization.

A Medicaid managed care plan needed a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with specific expertise in recent Massachusetts Medicaid reimbursement changes and dual eligible programs. ZDinterim placed an interim executive within days. After a 15- month engagement and a national search (conducted by our client), our interim executive was offered and accepted the role of permanent CFO.

With the increasing dependence on healthcare information technology (HCIT) and the financial incentives placed on increased integration and optimization of technologies, hospitals and other provider organizations are scrambling to source qualified technical leaders and managers to assist in complicated, multi-year, large scale implementations. These technology initiatives are very expensive – both from a financial and human resource perspective. Interim HCIT executives offer an immediate solution and bring a very specific and often highly sought after skill set.

A provider organization required a seasoned project manager to co-manage an 18-month IT implementation. ZDinterim provided 2 highly experienced candidates – one of whom was hired immediately into the role.

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