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ZDmd - Physician Leadership Search

Focused on physician executive talent acquisition and successful partnerships between administration and physicians.

Physician Leadership Search

Conducting a physician executive search is a major investment of your organization’s resources. We know. We have successfully completed hundreds of physician leadership searches, with a retention rate of over 95% after five years.

ZDmd focuses exclusively on physician executive talent acquisition and assists organizations in creating successful partnerships between administration and physicians. ZDmd addresses physician leadership requirements in the context of your organizational dynamics and has a dedicated staff that includes a physician leader as part of our team.  We maximize the potential for a successful, collaborative relationship between an effective physician leader and your institution.

Installing a Physician Executive is a major institutional investment, in financial terms and in organizational credibility and momentum. For expertise, objectivity and a dispassionate perspective, organizations should not underestimate the value of having a dedicated search firm, with an experienced physician leader as an integral part of this search team and as a driver of the position design and candidate assessment.

Our survey results below highlight concerns of both physician and non-physician leaders in healthcare organizations about potential pitfalls in recruiting physician leaders:

Physician Leadership Recruitment Issues “Somewhat Concerned” or “Highly Concerned”
Quality of Candidates 93%
Financial Constraints 78%
Competition for Best Candidates 77%
Poor Communication with Medical Staff 74%
Insufficient “Onboarding” Processes 69%

ZurickDavis’ success rate with healthcare organizations is grounded in our professionals’ deep understanding of the dynamics involved in executive health care leadership, as well as, in our extensive professional network of physician leaders from top healthcare organizations.

At ZDmd, our sole focus is Physician Leaders.

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