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ZurickDavis is a retained search firm that recruits exceptional executives and physician leaders for health care organizations of all types. To complement our core business, we have developed two other areas of expertise that many organizations require: coaching for new executives and their teams and recruiting interim leaders to serve while a search is being conducted.

The company was founded by our CEO, Jeffrey Zegas, in 1986.

Our Strengths

We bring to each assignment a deep personal investment in understanding our client’s unique culture, values, requirements, and strategic objectives. Our rigorous search process is characterized by an unwavering commitment to finding and attracting a diverse array of the best possible talent, including outstanding candidates from segments of the population that may be underrepresented in leadership positions.

We are known for being very tenacious and passionate about our work. No matter how difficult the search, we never give up on finding the right person for each position. That is why we are often asked to take on assignments when other firms have proven unsuccessful.

What We Do

For a brief look at how we work in partnership with health care organizations to help them find, recruit and retain outstanding leaders, click here.

31 Years of

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: We are passionate about helping our clients find the right leaders to influence, execute, and successfully fulfill their mission.


Adding your information to our database will provide you with email notifications of new search engagements. These announcements include specific ZurickDavis staff contact information for that position.  Use this link to add your information to our contact database.

The duration of a search will vary depending on the type of the position being filled, the organizational process surrounding vetting a new executive and other factors such as geography, compensation and organizational characteristics.

We are members of the Institute for Diversity in Health Management and the National Association of Health Service Executives, which, in addition to other resources, brings us great access to and visibility with under-represented communities. Over 75 percent of our searches in the last two years have featured diversity candidates as part of the “Recommended” slate.

Internal candidates will be treated as objectively as all other candidates being considered.  We provide the search committee/senior management with a tactful “buffer” to handle what may be difficult communication with internal candidates, who may have a long history with the organization and be a valued employee.

The candidates we present are only those we have interviewed personally and vetted thoroughly. Our behavioral interviews go far beyond merely the technical qualifications of candidates. We pay great attention to assessing personality, motivation, managerial style, breadth of vision, stage in life and, critically, the personal and family circumstances that typically determine a successful placement.