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Our Values & Ethics

Statement of Values

ZurickDavis is a high performing executive search firm serving the healthcare sector. Our mission is to collaborate with clients to recruit high quality leadership talent. We invest in our clients’ success, and bring insight, innovation and integrity to each engagement.

We have a passion for our work and a personal commitment to service excellence.

Our Ethical Standards are Transparent

We practice according to ethical standards that are far more than a code of conduct; they reflect our individual values and the way we work as a team on behalf of our clients.  Adherence to these standards helps us fulfill assignments with the integrity and accuracy that consistently deliver outstanding results.

  • We accept only those assignments that we are qualified to undertake.

  • We treat all information about client organizations and candidates with the utmost confidentiality.

  • We will not actively recruit from our clients for one year after the completion of the most recent assignment - or longer as the seniority of the position or nature of the client relationship may dictate.

  • Any limitations imposed on one client assignment by association with another client will be fully disclosed.

  • Any personal or professional relationships with a candidate under consideration will also be disclosed.

  • Our business is client-driven, not candidate-driven; we do not circulate resumes or refer candidates without a specific assignment.

  • We do not accept payment from individuals seeking counseling or assistance to find employment.

  • We do not present a candidate to two firms at the same time.

  • We keep each prospect and candidate informed in a timely manner about the status of his or her candidacy.

  • When sourcing candidates, we never misrepresent the nature of our firm.

  • Should a candidate misrepresent his or her qualifications, we notify the client immediately.

  • Should a client misrepresent information relevant to the search, we attempt to correct the situation. If unable to do so, we withdraw from the search.

  • We will communicate truthfully, openly and promptly with our clients on all issues related to successful project fulfillment.

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