Chief of Mental Health and Counseling

Yale Health | New Haven, CT

Permanent Position


Yale Health seeks an innovative leader for the role of Chief of Mental Health & Counseling (MHC), overseeing a staff of more than 30 clinicians caring for Yale University’s diverse student population. The Chief of MHC will collaborate with leaders and medical providers within Yale Health as well as colleagues across Yale University to ensure outstanding mental health services to Yale students in a climate of rapid change and growth.


The Chief will oversee a department with a long tradition of leadership in student mental health.  The Chief will oversee an exceptional team of psychiatrists, psychologists and clinical social workers. The Chief will have the opportunity to bring mental health services to a new level of excellence, working in collaboration with other clinical chiefs at Yale Health, the Yale Health Director and Medical Director, and staff who are dedicated to innovation, teamwork and professionalism as they strive to increase accessibility and equity in the provision of mental health services.


Reporting to the Director of Yale Health, the Chief of MHC assumes senior leadership for the 30+ clinician staff of MHC. The Chief of MHC champions a culture of mental health for Yale students, enhancing services and making them more accessible to the Yale student community, working in collaboration with clinician staff and university stakeholders in all academic schools and central administration. The Chief ensures that mental health services are delivered safely, consistently, and in alignment with accepted best practices. The Chief also coordinates care for selected students through the community network of mental health providers. The Chief is responsible for stewardship of the excellent clinical reputation of MHC within Yale University, the wider medical community, and across the country.

Chief of Mental Health and Counseling

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