Candidate Sourcing and Identification

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Promoting your opportunity

We present the opportunity to our national network of healthcare executives through a carefully targeted media campaign which maximizes awareness in the market while raising the profile of our client.  Through the ZD email announcement, professional networking and additional outreach, we generate interest from potential candidates.

As a woman owned and operated business, ZurickDavis is especially committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and is an equal opportunity employer.  Diversity, equity and inclusion are built into our corporate DNA. From our beginnings, we’ve served organizations that recognize the importance of diversity, such as community health centers, senior care, home care and social services organizations.

Over 93 percent of our searches in the last two years have featured at least one candidate from an underrepresented group as part of the “Recommended” slate.

We take pride in identifying and recruiting a diverse pool of exceptional leaders in all of our searches. We track our performance in identifying and vetting candidates from underrepresented groups that we recommend to clients.

As specialists in healthcare executive search and physician leadership search, our professional networks for candidate sourcing are extensive. We are able to carefully construct a pool of highly qualified candidates by reaching out to talented individuals who may not be actively seeking or even considering a career change.

While these resources are a valuable foundation, with every new project we dedicate ourselves to developing a universe of connections tailored to your unique needs.  The network of trusted advisors we have built over the years with health care leaders puts us in active dialogue with key players and sources of insight valuable to your search.

After initial candidate identification, we conduct a benchmark meeting with our client to discuss our preliminary findings. At this point, we review and critique a sample of resumes of a varied group of prospective candidates in order to further understand our client’s preferences and priorities.

Subsequent research and outreach results in a recommended list of promising candidates for consideration.

Throughout this important stage, we maintain an ongoing dialogue about the progress of the search and make any necessary refinements to the process or position.

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Key Milestones

  • The search goes live
  • Benchmark meeting conducted
  • Initial phone screening completed
  • Preliminary list of candidates presented