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Coaching enhances performance and is essential for executives looking to broaden their skills and advance in their careers.

Why might you need an executive coach?

An executive coach can help you with:

  • Career guidance and planning
  • Resume preparation
  • Career change/transition
  • Integration into a new organization
  • Assuming a new position
  • Personal branding
  • Image building

Case Study: Career guidance and planning

One recent coaching client was an early/mid-career financial leader who aspired to be a CEO. Adrian was highly regarded by our search client; however, he ended up not being selected for the CEO role. After hearing why the selected candidate got the job and he didn’t, Adrian wanted to develop in non-technical areas that would better enable him to achieve his goal. He asked us for coaching guidance to assure and accelerate his growth.

Adrian signed on for a six-month coaching engagement, during which we spoke regularly about the sorts of things he had to do to best prepare himself to be a CEO, and just as importantly, be perceived as ready for that job.

Discussion areas included:

  • Consideration of different career paths;
  • Strategies to elevate his professional stature;
  • Spotting and acting on opportunities to increase his visibility;
  • Broadening professional awareness of his broad level of competence/ability;
  • Strengthening his “professional portrait,” which includes resume, LinkedIn profile, and other social media presence;
  • Elevating the level of professionalism he projected.

Over time, Adrian reported increased confidence and clearer vision for his goal and how to achieve it. There is little doubt that he will become a CEO within the next 1 – 3 years.

Case Study: Career change/transition

Maureen was a physician leader in a large hospital system. Her husband was offered and accepted a significant promotion in his company that would entail relocating to another region of the country. She felt this was a good time to take stock of her career to date and what avenues she might explore going forward. Her initial focus in coaching sessions was whether to get an MBA and what type of position to look for near her new home. Discussions during the coaching sessions delved into questions about her current work and what her expectations might be near-term and further into the future. During these sessions, it became clear that getting an MBA would be a tremendous boost for her capabilities for future positions, so this moved to the forefront of her plans. She secured a position as a physician leader in another hospital system with somewhat different responsibilities than her current position, but not a radical change. Given the move and her MBA work, this made the most sense for her and would provide some additional skills to add to her experience but allow her to focus on her MBA.

What specific situations might benefit from coaching?

  • Non-profit board development and management
  • Work relationships
  • Effective management
  • Driving change
  • Culture transformation

Case Study: Effective management

John was an emergency physician and director of his department. He was active on medical staff committees and with his professional society. He had taken a few graduate business courses in areas that he knew little about, such as finance, operations management and marketing. He wanted to explore career options and improve his management capabilities so engaged us for coaching sessions. His coach explored management style, values, difficult situations, what excited him most about his current position and activities. His recent opportunity to be the physician champion for a new EHR rollout was high on his list of interests. In coaching discussions, he learned ways to deal with his “command and control” management style. Using different techniques, he was able to mobilize his EHR team to work together productively and then serve as super-users for other staff members.

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Coaching focuses on enhancing self-awareness regarding your motives, behaviors, and personality.

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