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ZDcoach - Executive Coaching

Coaching enhances performance and is essential for executives looking to broaden their skills and advance in their careers.

What is an executive coach?

A coach provides you with a confidential sounding board, listening and asking questions to help you clarify your thoughts and goals. They can work with you on new ways to respond to situations and to build more productive relationships. Executive coaching helps you learn how to improve yourself in many different ways.

In the past, coaching was commonly remedial: you are behaving badly so we’re getting you a coach. While situations like these can certainly call for a coach, coaching enhances performance and is essential for seasoned executives looking to broaden their skills and for high performers being groomed for more senior positions.

What a coach does:

  • Asks thoughtful questions
  • Gives feedback
  • Helps identify opportunities
  • Works with you on goals
  • Evaluates progress

Our Coaching Expertise

Jeff Zegas, ZurickDavis’ CEO and founder, and Myrane Janoff, ZurickDavis’ Managing Partner, are both trained and certified by the Center for Executive Coaching. For a number of years, they have been coaching senior executives from a variety of settings including hospitals, senior care, home care, group practices, payers and community health centers.

With a Master’s in Psychology, four years as a Big Brother in the Big Brother/Big Sister Association program, two ACHE Mentees and years in executive search, I feel like I’ve been coaching people most of my life!  – Jeff

Since co-founding ZurickDavis in 1986, Jeff’s search focus has been almost exclusively in healthcare. In addition to leading major searches, he lends his expertise, experience and nationwide connections in the healthcare field to client relations and new business development. Read more.

It is very rewarding to guide people to a successful outcome and has always been a satisfying part of my relationships with them. I’m excited about building on my many years of experience in executive search to provide a positive coaching experience to individuals and organizations.  -Myranne

Myranne leads ZDmd, and as a Partner in ZurickDavis, she has a broad range of responsibilities, including the leadership of major searches, business strategy, new business development and the oversight of operational improvements and efficiencies. Read more.

Get Started

Coaching focuses on enhancing self-awareness regarding your motives, behaviors, and personality.

Thinking about whether coaching is for you? Contact Jeff Zegas to learn more.