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ZDmd - Physician Leadership Search

Focused on physician executive talent acquisition and successful partnerships between administration and physicians.

Why ZDmd? Because attracting high-quality physician leadership is much more than just a transaction.

ZDmd is a specialized division of ZurickDavis, dedicated to the recruitment of physician leaders. We offer a full search and selection service to our clients, including strategic consultation to advise on the structuring of the position within your organization.

ZDmd’s history and experience conducting leadership searches, in various types of settings, is a valuable asset. We assist our clients to align the talent and attributes of candidates to their specific physician needs.  Our dedicated ZDmd team includes two physician leaders.

We partner with each client and at the outset of the search meet with all the constituents who will be influenced by this new leader. Our purpose is to gain a thorough understanding of your culture, your strategic objectives and the operational issues that will have an impact on the selection of the best candidates. Through this consultation and evaluation, we work with you to determine the best professional and personal fit for your organization, in addition to the technical skills and experience required.  This organizational assessment is essential to the search process and leads to the long-term success of the candidate you select.

A search committee is often part of physician executive searches. The ZDmd team is experienced and well versed at collaborating with Chairs and search committees and can, if necessary, advise on the composition and direction of  the search committee.  We have developed Search Committee tools to assist the committee and guide the process, maximizing the contribution of all parties.

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Our record speaks for itself – over 90% physician executive retention for 5 years.

Our extensive professional network of physician executive leadership talent is an important tool in identifying candidates, but the up-front investment we spend in your organization, the expertise we have gained through years of conducting physician leader searches and our dedicated team are all critical factors in finding the physician leader you want, need and deserve.