ZDmd Offerings

ZDmd - Physician Leadership Search

Focused on physician executive talent acquisition and successful partnerships between administration and physicians.

You can be assured that ZDmd will not only be attentive to the “technical candidate requirements” of your physician leader search but that we will simultaneously advise you on the broader factors that are ultimately critical to success, such as:

  • Alignment between the physician leadership position and your organization’s strategy and culture
  • Position definition and structure in relation to your organizational requirements and goals
  • Organizational readiness for the physician leadership role you wish to fill
  • Alignment of the physician leadership position with existing authority, accountability, incentives, and rewards
  • Relationships between the physician leader’s position and the formal medical staff governance structure
  • Interface between the physician leader and members of the voluntary, employed, and/or contracted medical staffs
  • Performance metrics, incentives, and compensation for physician leaders
  • Skill and experience gaps that would benefit from coaching or mentoring an otherwise well-qualified and desirable candidate

Physician leadership search offerings

In addition to recruiting physician leaders, ZDmd offers an expanded set of services to enhance physician leader effectiveness, including:

  • “Onboarding” coaching to assist the selected candidate’s transition to his/her new role
  • Ongoing executive leadership coaching to assist new or established leaders in building skills, developing and executing strategy, and/or correcting deficiencies
  • Leadership team development for physician leaders and, as appropriate, their administrative partners
  • Service line leadership assessment and coaching

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