Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are built into our corporate DNA. From our beginnings, we’ve served organizations that recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion, such as community health centers, senior care, home care and social services organizations.

Over 93 percent of our searches in the last two years have featured at least one candidate from an underrepresented group as part of the “Recommended” slate.

Diversity and inclusion in the workforce, and especially in leadership teams is important for organizational success.  Several reports from McKinsey and Company have observed that companies committed to diverse leadership are more successful.  The same argument (that more diverse organizations perform better than less diverse ones) has been reiterated by many other thought leaders.

We take pride in identifying and recruiting a diverse pool of exceptional leaders in all of our searches. We track our performance in identifying and vetting diversity and inclusion candidates recommended to clients.

Our exceptional research capabilities, best-in-class database, and most importantly, our wide-ranging network of industry contacts, help us to find and attract excellent candidates from underrepresented groups who fit the specialized needs of each of our client.