Our commitment to diversity in health management can be stated very simply:

We believe that successful organizations seek and retain leaders who reflect, understand, and advance diversity inside and outside the workplace.

Over 90 percent of our searches in the past two years have included diversity candidates in the final candidate group.

The patients, customers, clients, beneficiaries, and employees of health care organizations reflect the immense diversity of our society.

Our priorities are to:

  • produce for every client a slate of candidates who possess the best combination of experience, expertise, and fit for each position
  • help our clients recruit the best possible candidates, regardless of race, gender, cultural background, or sexual orientation.

Our exceptional research capabilities, best-in-class database, and most importantly, our wide-ranging network of industry contacts, help us to find and attract a diverse slate of candidates who fit the specialized needs of each client.

We are proud to be members of the Institute for Diversity in Health Management.