ZurickDavis is proud to support the professional development of undergraduate students in business, health sciences, and human resources by offering paid internships. Our interns gain firsthand insights into the search process by assisting ZD team members at all levels of the organization with research, marketing, client services, and operations.  With our unique combination of professional relationships, national networks, and research capabilities, we welcome applications from highly motivated, hard-working students for internships in the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

For more information, please contact Ellen Mahoney, Vice President of Search Operations at

Andrew Blanchette, a winter/spring intern, majored in Biochemistry and Public Health at Regis College:

“ZurickDavis was my first experience in a business setting.  Coming from a biomedical research background, I had little knowledge of the skills and characteristics necessary to succeed in healthcare administration or the general business sector.  However, there was no shortage of mentors at ZD and everyone in the office made it easy for me to transition into the role.  They made me feel like an employee, rather than an intern, and I quickly became immersed into the organization.  My friends had often complained that their internships had a narrow set of responsibilities.  ZD offered more than a strict job guideline and I found myself working on assignments with the VP of Business Operations and other recruiters, as well as my supervisor.  They also were always willing to entertain new ideas and encouraged creative thinking.  ZD has helped to solidify my passion for business and healthcare and made my semester an unforgettable experience. ZD not only gave me the tools necessary to succeed in the healthcare and recruiting industries, but it also rewarded me with a new group of colleagues and friends which I am privileged to know.” 

Katie St. George, a summer intern, majored in Economics at Connecticut College:

“My ZurickDavis internship gave me a terrific opportunity to learn about the health care industry and the executive search process. Assisting with candidate research allowed me to develop a valuable blend of professional skills and also made me much more knowledgeable about the characteristics and accomplishments needed for certain positions and types of companies within the medical field. I worked closely with the director of research and media, and spent most of my time researching candidates, proofreading search-related documents, communicating with candidates, and performing special projects as they arose. For example, I was charged with researching and presenting effective and relevant tools to enhance ZD’s diversity efforts. What made this internship so interesting is the fact that every day there was a new task and a new challenge. I view it as an important addition to my professional development.“   

Jacob Seymourian, a year-round intern, majored in Business at Bentley University:

“As a student of business, I had little knowledge of the healthcare industry when I was hired for my ZurickDavis internship. In the first few weeks, I got to know all of the kind and welcoming staff, and very quickly I felt like I was part of the company. I learned so much through the tasks I was assigned, and these would vary on any given day, providing me with more experience than I was ever expecting. Though I began working alongside my supervisors, as time passed I found myself jumping into projects with most of the other employees, including the owners themselves. I also found myself working on my own projects, and really felt like an employee. My internship lasted through the summer and I continued to come in for another eight months until the school year ended, and even after this much time I didn’t want to leave. ZurickDavis was a fantastic place for me to start my professional career, and I’ll bring the experience I gained with me for the rest of my life.”